More on Cotton and Metal

More on Cotton and Metal

I’ve had several very interesting questions about this new fiber combination.  If you check comments under the previous post you’ll read about the possibility of rust.  Our conclusion:  If you wash it repeatedly and allow it to air dry, there’s a possibility this could happen, but our wash tests so far have not shown anything to suggest this.

Priscilla emailed me with questions about dulling the shears or needles. Here are my best guesses. I would think after repeated use, the shears and machine needle could dull. The filament is very fine so I don’t think you’d see a huge impact doing one garment, but I always suggest a new needle for each garment anyway. I would liken this to working with polyester which can also dull your needle much faster than natural fibers. When you are dealing with a synthetic fiber, there is more resistance to the blade and thus causes dulling. In our sampling process if we have a synthetic in the group it is much more difficult for the blade to penetrate the whole stack of fabrics. I am not aware that Evelyn found anything like that with this group.

We continue to see this fiber blend and would appreciate your input as you work with it. 

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