For a number of years the fashionista has been comfortable with mixing print and stripe in the same garment.  Here choosing fabrics that have common colorations and fabrication pulls the story together.

linen print fabric, linen stripe fabric, cotton satin fabric
Blue Hill Linen Print shown with Daybreak Linen Stripe and Crown Cotton Satin. Buttons: Flotation

Taken to the next level, mixing two prints with similar colorations can be relatively easy and pleasing to the eye.  Keep in mind that choosing colors with the same relative value helps to make it a successful duo.  Here’s an example with two of our latest prints… one large in scale, the other small and all over.  Choosing buttons to complement both the fabrics will provide a common thread to tie the outfit together.

cotton print fabric, rayon batik fabric
Jaco Falls cotton print shown with Dominica rayon batik. Buttons: Bento, Starscape

We think drape has a lot to do with the success of this trend. When prints fall from the shoulder or the waist, there is less emphasis on the motifs and more on the overall color and pattern statement.  Mixing different prints in different fabrications can work successfully.  Pulling the prints together with a coordinating solid completes the look.

rayon batik fabric, silk chiffon fabric, silk and rayon textured fabric
Sun-kissed rayon batik shown with Acai silk chiffon and Amethyst Giacca. Buttons: Aura

This is a trend you can have a lot of fun with and we’ll be showcasing more combos that we find as the season progresses.

See: Blue Hill Linen, Giacca, Aura buttons, Starscape buttons, Bento buttons, Floatation buttons

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