Making the Cut

Making the Cut

So many people have told me how much they envy my job… They’re right–it is a lot of fun and a veritable playground for a fabricholic!  We see samples every day from suppliers around the world who have excess fabric to sell. Sometimes it’s hard to fully appreciate each piece that gets put in front of us.  Being a connoisseur of fine fabric, I don’t take the buying decision lightly.  I want to give each offering its due and strive to make the best choice for our customers.  That said, we purchase less than 20% of the fabric we see so I thought you’d be interested in those that didn’t pass SBDF muster!

There are so many reasons… sometimes it’s the fiber content (we’re not big on synthetic yarns) or the color combination (we think the fabric needs to be wearable by a wide audience) or the print (too ditsy, too widely spaced to have common appeal) or the cost (not worth the high price –bargaining sometimes gets us over this hump 🙂 ).

So here’s a photo of a few fabrics that didn’t make the cut recently.

From the left, clockwise:

Fine wool/cashmere, synthetic/metallic tweed, black poly interlock, cotton/silk print, wool/lambswool plaid.

Anyone have a guess as to why we passed on each of these?

We were fascinated when this fabric sample arrived at the warehouse–It is a nylon/poly knit.

The top is a crinkled fabrication slit at random angles and anchored to the base cloth periodically.  The printing was done after the fabric was slit.  Anyone see this type of process before?  It came from a mill in France.  This one was truly unique and was a huge temptation, but alas, sensible minds prevailed and we left it for some other connoisseur.

I really don’t intend to judge taste.  If you see a picture here that is just up your alley, I’m sorry we didn’t get it for you.  We do the best we can trying to match fabric to our customer base.  Your feedback is always welcome.

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