It’s Never Too Late…

It’s Never Too Late…

Why is it that at the end of the sewing/selling season, we suddenly get access to some fabulous fabrics for the current season?  Well, there actually are some good reasons for that, but its nonetheless frustrating to find fabrics that would have worked well into some of our earlier mailers.  That’s what is so wonderful about the web store.  We can react quickly and get these fabrics to you without delay!  Look what just arrived!


Pampelonne. Now, I love, love, love linen and this is probably one of the nicest linens I’ve seen in a long time. These printed linens were milled in Italy for Elie Tahari.  This is their premier line and we were fortunate to find some fabric still available.  Lightweight and soft, this is like no other. Wait until you feel the hand of this fabrication!

The bold floral print is “au currant” and perfect for summer dresses.  Now weren’t you just looking for something for that upcoming party in July or August?  This is it!  Trust me.

Dixie created a whole display board about Linen this spring. It is one of our favorite fibers and we often have linen blends year-round. I’ve written about linen before so you probaby now my schtick…yes, it wrinkles, but you can control the look of the wrinkles by how you care for it.  Wash it several times before constructing your garment and the wrinkles will soften.  If you want to maintain some crispness, underline with silk organza and handwash or dry clean. Linen is cool to wear on hot days, it has the look of the season and, in my opinion,  it says class!  There are many more unique linens in stock,  although I’ve noticed some have sold out just this week. Tis the season.   Shop Linens.

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