Intriguing Prints

Intriguing Prints

We were mesmerized by this mosaic-like print.  If you look closely, you’ll see the images of animals (deer to be exact) in the mosaic, but from a distance, this can pass as an all-over print.  You would have to be a bit careful in placing your pattern, but otherwise, the animals and foliage blend together in a pleasing marriage of design and color. This silk jersey was originally knit for Betsey Johnson.  This is one of the reasons we enjoy buying overruns from designers.  We find a luxury fabric-silk jersey- with a unique design, not something you’d typically find in over the counter fabric stores.

Sewing with silk jersey is similar to sewing with any knit. You’ll want to take extra care to watch for traveling as you stitch the seams, but you can make a quick and easy top or dress in a short period of time.

Judy suggests silk thread for the pure pleasure of working with compatible fibers.  The strength and elasticity of the thread is desireable.  Choose a fine thread (100 or 000) and a fine needle. Caution should be used in adjusting the length of the stitch so as not to overwhelm the fabric with the thread.

Enchanted Wood

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