How Buttons Are Made

How Buttons Are Made

Are you a button lover? Have you ever wondered how buttons are made? This informative video from the TV series, How It’s Made, shows three methods of plastic button production. So sit back and relax for a few minutes while you watch button manufacturing in action.

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I enjoyed seeing the tube method, the most basic. And I never knew melamine was used as a button material. But most fascinating of all to me was the spinning drum and the layers of resin. Buttons made with this method have more depth and the layers of color can sometimes show. Gorges is an excellent example of the layered method.


Here you can see several layers of color, and a pearly layer on the very top of the buttons. These were most certainly made by the spinning drum method. Downing would also have been made this way.


I also was intrigued by the machines that carve buttons into their final shapes, and drill the holes. Working at lightning speed, it’s amazing how many buttons they can churn out. Marvelous technology that’s probably been around for decades, but undoubtedly is constantly improved upon.

Aren’t you glad you watched this? Now when someone admires the buttons you’re wearing, you can tell them how they were made!



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