Head Turningly Gorgeous or Subtly Rich

Head Turningly Gorgeous or Subtly Rich

Fabrics come in all incarnations of beautiful, whether they are head turningly gorgeous or subtly rich, pragmatically neutral or dramatically colorful. These are just ends of a continuum of visual and tactile pleasures. I thought you’d enjoy a couple of our newer fabrics that illustrate this point.  First to the head-turningly gorgeous!!

These stunning velvet crinkles are breathtaking in their color and texture.  Shades of purple (Fragonard above) or Copper (Watteau at right) are overprinted with darker tones for depth and character.  The rayon/silk velvet is sensuously soft and drapey.  We definitely see an elegant scarf, a statement unstructured cardigan or an opulent robe.  This fabric hit a cord with everyone here at the warehouse!

Rococo Velvets

As quiet as can be, this neutral toned silk tweed is elegant in its own way.  Carole and I drooled over the receiving table when this arrived!  We are both fans of the practical neutral and the go-with-anything jacket!  Depending on the silhouette you select and on the coordinates and accessories you choose, this subtle, but sophisticated fabric will put you in the realm of of the aristocrats!

Coming in January.

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