Hand Painted Fabrics

Hand Painted Fabrics

Over the past year we’ve had several fabrics come through here that are characterized as hand painted.  The process reaps interesting and artistic results. What I’m told from the mills is that the dyed fabric passes between two or more painters, on both sides of the run.  With hand brushes, they paint swaths of color at random angles and intervals in the fabric.  The effect varies depending on the fabrication and on the vision of the textile designer. Some of you may remember that last year we had several silks that were done in streams of color that were stunning!

This year we found some very unique wools.  They are woven on a jacquard loom with thick yarns producing a raised floral motif.  The base fabric is dyed in several shades of green (Salzburg) or blue (Carinthia) and then handpainted with swaths of a darker shade.  The overall effect is rich and deep.  This will make up into exquisite jackets!  Our customers are enthusiastic already!  Dixie and I have had lots of fun with the buttons for this one too.  We love fabrics that have multiple shades of similar colors.  They work well with buttons that have the same qualities.  In this case, we chose Canyon for Salzburg and Frances for Carinthia.


As you prepare this fabric you will want to stablize with textured weft or underline with silk organza to manage the fray.   One of our customers has chosen to use cotton lawn. She wanted to retain the soft hand and felt that the organza would be too crisp. Another alternative would be to serge all the edges before construction.

Another handpainted we bought this season is a luscious corduroy in tawny pink, spice and charcoal. I don’t have a pic yet, but will post it when I do.

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