Go with Everything Jackets

Go with Everything Jackets

I was just thinking about a conversation Carole and I had at work a month or so ago.  She said how she loves the concept of a tweed jacket that goes with a multitude of solids in her wardrobe.  She remarked that Candy and I both wear silk tweed jackets often with our standard casual pants at the warehouse. 

Lots of the work at the warehouse is physical and good clothes can often get hard use.  Most of us dress in jeans or casual pants to accomodate the fiber dust and handling the large tubes of fabric.  But there are those times when you want to look "properly dressed" for the public.  A tweed jacket is just the thing.  If you choose wisely a tweed will go with many neutrals and fashion colors in your wardrobe.  It’s just the right kick for everyday wear.  Other possibilities for  go-with-everything jackets are solids in the basic colors of your wardrobe–black, white, navy, khaki, camel…you get the idea.  I used to make a black and a white jacket every summer…then all my bases were covered for cool evenings and windy outdoor venues. 

We’re currently starting a Sew Along project in our salon using the Capri jacket from Textile Studio. This will be a great way for many of us to add a new go-with-everything jacket to our collections.  Read about the project at Savvy Sewer Salon.

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