Gala Buttons – The Perfect Finish

Gala Buttons – The Perfect Finish


I recently made a coat from wool flannel that had been in my stash for many years. Accent patches were added using vintage kimono silk and a piece of silk douppioni that I screen printed. I needed buttons that enhanced the fabrics, but didn’t overwhelm them. Three button styles appealed to me and were the right size for the project. How did I choose among the three?

The first option was Yale, a classic style with a hint of glimmer. The color was a good match, but the button seemed a bit drab and plain on this combination of fabrics.



EWCoatButton3The buttons definitely match, but they don’t add much to the overall look.

My second option was Geode, a uniquely shaped and colored resin button. I like this button a lot, but it still didn’t seem right for this coat.


Perhaps the touch of black marbling in the center was a distraction on the fabric? It just seemed to compete with the silks. It also was a tad too small.

My third attempt was an overwhelming success. Gala is a thick shell disk with a chrome spiral that reflects like a mirror. Normally, I wouldn’t consider putting a shell button on wool fabric. To me, shells seem feminine and summery. Putting them on a gray menswear fabrication would be at odds. But I’m glad I tried the combination, because it really works!



This was the simplicity and pizzaz I was looking for. Gala has clean lines, and the iridescence of the shell ties in beautifully with the colors in the coat.



See how the pink color in the button echoes the color of the trim? Beautiful! The swirl is simple enough not to compete with the design in the painted fabric, but it adds a focal point to the button.

I love how these buttons look on the coat, and have received many compliments on them. They fit the mood of the garment, they are cohesive with the fabrics, and they enhance the overall design. They’re the perfect finish!

Don’t forget we offer a complimentary button match service here at Sawyer Brook. If you’re looking for just the right buttons for a garment, send us a piece of the fabric and a letter explaining what you’re looking for, and we’ll take a look to see what we have to offer you. It’s as easy as that!








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