Finely Woven Jacquard

Finely Woven Jacquard

Finding the diamond in the rough.
We have a supplier who offers wonderful quality basics…we’ve done business for years and have built up a trusting relationship.  Every once in a while they find some gems in the lots that they purchase.  Guess who gets the first call?   This was the case recently with this stunning novelty jacquard.


Look closely to see the detail of the weave.  The diagonal slant of the yarns creates a visual texture enhanced by the alternating colors of lemon yellow and deep ivory.  This jacquard is woven with fine cotton yarns resulting in a lightweight lawn with a luxurious hand.  The drape is soft and the design sophisticated…perfect combination for summery blouses, skirts or dresses.  We are on the lookout all the time for just such gems!  We do our best to bring them to you at affordable prices…this was truly a find and we shared our good fortune with you by making the price so reasonable.  We’re glad we could do it!

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  1. Nata


    Great find, Barb! This fabric feels like silk. It would make a lux full blouse, and the color is so much fun.

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