Fashion Runway to Your Way

Fashion Runway to Your Way

The newest trend report from Vogue describes a group of runway trends as Depression Chic.  Now that’s depressing!  The Roaring Twenties-inspired group is fine, but the bag lady???, please!

I recently heard/read about a new fashion term—recessionista!  It refers to one who can be fashionable without much cash outlay! 

From a fiber artist point of view, the category they described as Geometry Lessons was quite fascinating, and I encourage you to view this focus on fabric manipulation.  Most of these garments of course are not wearable for every day, but the methodology can be a source of inspiration for those with a creative bent to their sewing. Some of my favorites—

Andy & Deb


Kai Kuhne

Karl Lagerfeld


Ah, Oscar

Wonder how this Dolce and Gabanna will be interpreted for Main Street.  See the Savvy Sewer Salon for one idea.

Not the hips, I beg you!

There's lots more to see.  The goddess grouping offers up a lot of room for reverie and the marrakech express is truly exotic.  Review the whole album here.

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