Fabric and Fiber Contrasts

Fabric and Fiber Contrasts

Crisp–soft, shiny-matte, light–dark, wide-narrow, smooth, ragged… these are the elements of texture and texture is what it’s all about!  I thought this piece just about said it all.

This unusual complex fabrication was milled in Italy for Alice & Olivia. A lightweight rayon organza has1 in. wide crosswise stripes in pale gray and mossy gray. Woven on the lengthwise are strips of rayon/linen ribbon in a deep mossy gray. We think the technique is a bit like the crafters chenille (layers stitched one on top of the other and then slit to create fray).  The ribbon is woven into the base and then only the top layer is slit, leaving raw edges that fray during finishing.

It’s an elegant look for a shirt or light jacket.  We have a two way stretch khaki that works well with it for casual or blend it with black for day to evening.  Ragtime

3 Responses to “Fabric and Fiber Contrasts”

  1. Jenny


    Barb, do you think it would work well for a full, gathered-waist skirt? Do you think it would make a lot of rustling noise when walking around?

  2. Barbara Blom


    This fabric does not have a loud rustle or scroop, the way a taffeta does. Because the organza is rayon, rather than silk, it has a bit more drape and would fall from the waist a bit rather than standing away from the body. Sounds like a great idea!

  3. Jenny


    I think I’m going to try that. It’ll be a fun, unique skirt (not to mention really easy to sew).

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