Essential Elements: Fit

Essential Elements: Fit

In my opinion there are four essential elements to producing a garment that you will love.  First, there’s the vision–the creativity of your minds eye. Then there’s the fabrication and findings–top quality breeds top quality, no exceptions. Thirdly, fit–who wants a garment that looks good on the hanger only? Finally the construction and finishing–everything comes together literally at the needle.

We hear lots of would-be sewers complaining that the third element, Fit, is what often destroys the other three.  Yes, finding a good fit is very difficult for all of us.  BUT, it is possible!

Last week, I had the great pleasure of visiting a new business set to open this past weekend which will be of interest to all sewers (and to those outside the sewing community) because it’s all about fit!!

Unique Boutique Boston opened on June 27th and when I visited co-owners Jan and Lorrie were scurrying to put the finishing touches on their new storefront in Billerica, MA.  Many of you may have seen Unique Scan at sewing expos around the country. The idea is simple. A customer is scanned with low level laser lights capturing 200,000 measurements. to produce a personalized profile.  Once scanned,  you can use this profile to order sewing patterns or affordable custom clothing from specified manufacturers.  They also offer profiles that help you track your fitness progress.  The most fun for sewers in the New England area is that Jan and Lorrie will be offering a wide array of sewing classes.  Their facility is brand new and set up perfectly for a great day or evening of sewing.  Long tables with ample outlets and comfortable chairs line the middle of the room. Portable cutting tables can be arranged at will and fold out ironing boards accomodate any pressing needs.  The artificial lighting is bright and abundant and access to daylight is just steps away through the broad shop windows.  Working in a warehouse all day, I loved the clean, fresh feeling of their space.

I’m excited for our local customers to have this option for finding the right fit so readily available.  Over time there will be more Unique Scan dealers around the country so keep an eye on their website if you’re not in our area.  For those close to Billerica, drop in this weekend to get your first scan. For more information, visit their new website at

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