Eco-friendly Fibers

Eco-friendly Fibers

We’ve had a great time lately learning about some of the new fibers we’re seeing from designer workrooms.  Recently we brought into stock a wonderful tweed in gray/green tones. Isn’t this lovely to look at?  The yarns are twisted bright olive and silver gray resulting in an overall gray/green coloration.  We named the fabric Amaized! When you read on, you’ll find out why.  Subscribers have the swatch in their mailbox this week.

The fiber is an updated blend of Ingeo and wool.  What’s Ingeo?  Ingeo is a trade name for a biopolymer created using corn rather than petroleum  The resulting fiber is similar to polyester, but has some qualities more associated with natural fibers. For those who want a more scientific description of the process, you can check out the manufacturer’s web site.  In researching the fiber more we found the following characteristics ascribed to it:  breathability, (some manufacturers are using it for socks), colorfastness, wrinkle resistance,  shrink resistance, stain resistance and hypoallergenic qualities.  This is all good!  We also have read that the fiber blends well with natural fibers. This is the case with our current offering.  We think it’s a great suiting which has stability and a subtle crispness for tailored details.

We went on to find out how this new fiber reacted to a burn test.  We found that it first sputtered like wool, then as the flame grew (rather than self-extinguishing like wool would do) we saw other responses that were new to us!  Take a look:

Burn Test for Ingeo from Sawyer Brook Fabrics on Vimeo.

Based on the burn test we were able to determine that one of our newest knits, Suminigashi, was actually Ingeo rather than polyester or nylon as we first thought.  We’ll keep an eye out for more as we go forward.  Many designers and manufacturers are searching out Ingeo to satisfy the needs of their customers who are looking for a green solution in their clothing.  We’d love to hear from you when you sew with any of these fabrics.

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    nice fabric

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