Eco-Friendly Fabrics II – Lenpur

Eco-Friendly Fabrics II – Lenpur

We were excited to find this new fiber.  We’d read about it, but had not actually “handled” the goods, so to speak!

Lenpur is a cellulose-based fiber made from the bark of white pine branches or pine mulch.  These trees are cultivated for this purpose and the parts of the tree used are only those that do not contribute to the on-going life of the tree.  I first thought, this might be a very rustic product.  I guess it’s the white pine connotation.  I expected a cotton-like flannel or a knit, something like the early organic cotton products.  But no, it is much more akin to a fine rayon, but with a cottony hand. When we actually found a knit made from Lenpur, we were pleased with the exceptional quality.

In addition to its earth friendly qualities, Lenpur is reputed to have people friendly qualities such as great absorbency, ability to release dampness  and a “anti-odor” mechanism that functions as deodorant!  For the science behind this claim, read this.

Many manufacturers are using Lenpur in performance garments and in undergarments.  We purchased this fabric as an over-run from Linda Loudermilk, a luxury eco-designer. Her ready-to-wear garments are couture quality and she specializes in using fabrics that are made from sustainable  products.

We are very satisfied with the result in these jersey knits and hope to find more products like these to share with you.

Conifer–Deep Aqua

Conifer–Dark Chocolate

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