Easy Comfort

Easy Comfort

We loved this durable denim when we saw it and were intrigued by its properties.

Ruff ‘n’ Ready

The mill tag told us it was cotton and eme…off to do some research and this is what we found.

“Eme” stands for elastomultiester which is the Euopean generic for Dupont’s T-400 Lycra product. This man-made fiber is a sub-category of polyester. The FTC approved it as a sub-class due to its different chemical make-up and properties. For more on the ruling, see here. For our purposes, what we need to know is that it provides low to moderate stretch to textiles without the use of spandex. I wondered how it would react to washing so I took a piece of our sample cut home to do my own research. First of all, the results were very satisfying to the hand. The fabrication softened considerably from its initial state. It is still bold and durable, but with a softer touch. Then I measured it against my pre-wash measurements. It didn’t shrink…what’s this? Truly, that was my experience. In doing more reading I found that garments containing T400 produce low shrinkage results and have near 100% shape retention.

The cross threads in this denim are soft blue instead of the typical white filling yarns in denim. You’ll see in the photo that those are the eme yarns. I have not made up a garment in this fabric, but from our testing, we think you’ll be pleased with the end result.

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    I love all fabrics. they add so much color!

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