As You Like It…

As You Like It…

Shakespeare velvetsThe mood for fall dressing is soft, drapey, and relaxed.  In other words, velvet, especially stretch velvet, is key.  It’s glam, feels great to wear, and has romance appeal.  What other fabric can do all that?  What is also nice is the versatility.  Dress it down as a wrap top with your favorite jeans, funk it up with hot color and wear it as a comfy scarf with your fav jacket, or swish it around as a romantic skirt or soft flounced romantic femme fatale top.

Shakespeare Collection: A troupe of 8 colors!  Poly microfiber stretch. Special Purchase.  See all the colors on the Novelties page. $13.00/yard.

Other velvets:

  • La Scala Quad – crimini, claret, nero, or verde ottano Italian cotton stretch velvets.
  • City Lights & City in Darkness – Hot Dichroic color on black or black gloss on black poly stretch velvet.
  • Black Rose – fine glitter floral outlines on black poly microfiber stretch velvet.

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