Call Me Crazy…a riff on respect for our customers

Call Me Crazy…a riff on respect for our customers

Purple Silk Border
Purple Passion
A unique single border print on cotton/silk blend

I am currently reading a book about the sustainable fashion revolution…more on that in another post. A statement jumped off the page at me today. Caryn Franklin, All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, gave this response when asked what are the greatest challenges to independent and ethical brands.

“The consumer doesn’t really make any distinction between a small independent, who knows all of their suppliers and their workers individually and who cares about the end product, and a massive corporate [entity].–The consumer has prioritized cost and glossy veneer.”

Now while this was a discussion of the ready-to-wear market and the excesses of the consumers in that market, I couldn’t help but come to the defense of our customers. Call me crazy, but I believe sew-ers are different! I believe they do value the quality of the product above the cost. A trained sewist understands quality fabric AND quality construction. Whether s/he is buying fabric and a pattern or shopping ready-to-wear, those skills are at the forefront of her decision. Here at SBDF, we do our best to offer you the best of both worlds…a quality product at an affordable price.

Leather and Silk
Brown leather shown with Shutters silk charmeuse

I was recently asked by someone in the industry why we don’t offer a mid or promotional line of fabrics? My answer was instant…because we won’t do it! We won’t represent products that don’t meet our standard of excellence regardless of the possible gain or expansion of our business. This is not who we are.

We are staffed with professional fabric specialists who know and understand the products we offer. We do business with vendors with whom we have built up a trusting relationship. We don’t buy everything we see…we are very discriminating and bring to you only those fabrics that we think give you the greatest value for the price we charge. We don’t skimp…every order no matter how small or large, gets our full attention. We value our brand and know that you do too.

Moroccan Sunset
Moroccan Sunset – Water
Rayon blend multi-texture jacquard shown with rainforest buttons in gray/green.

We’re working hard to make your online shopping experience better than ever and we are always open to suggestions. We hear all the time from customers who share our values. We respect your opinions rather than demean our customer to suggest that they don’t know the difference or don’t make a distinction between mass market and the product an independent source can bring to market. So call me crazy, but we think our customers know best!
Thank you all for your continuing support and don’t ever hesitate to let your voice be heard by commenting on this blog or sending us an email. We even take phone calls personally!



8 Responses to “Call Me Crazy…a riff on respect for our customers”

  1. karen


    Thank you for your confidence in US, and that we know the good stuff when we see it.  SB has never let me down.  My time is valuable, and as my late father used to say , “it doesn’t cost much more to go first class.”  Too many of our expectations have been lowered, but not mine in terms of my ability or my materials.

  2. Mary


    Yes, we do know quality — and it is getting harder to find.  I’ve never been disappointed with your fabrics; they are first-rate and  chosen with excellent taste.  Thanks for your commitment to quality.

  3. Mlzw14


    Right on Barbara !! And, a happy and healthy New Year to all at SB. 

  4. atmosphere


    Nice blog.. thanks for sharing this information with us

  5. Marie


    Late to the party here … but we do know the good products when we see and especially touch them. They make it worth the time and effort to sew vs a throwaway item.

    • Sawyer Brook Fabrics


      I’m so glad you are all still responding to this post.  I feel more strongly than ever that we must stay focused on the quality of the fabric we offer.  There is a lot of “stuff” out there in the marketplace that looks great, but when you get the fabrication in hand it is very disappointing.  
      Caveat emptor!

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