Coming Together

Coming Together

We have always tried to keep our focus on natural fibers.  At the same time we keep our eye to the fabric marketplace.  In recent years high quality synthetics are playing a larger role as textile development and mills find better and better ways to manufacture fibers.  Often some of the most textural and interesting fabrics are a blending of the two worlds.

One of our recent great finds in the marketplace is this Italian printed poly taffeta embellished with wool/mohair yarns.  The crispness of the taffeta and the softness of the mohair are a study in contrasts.  The muted earth tones work together to create a fabrication rich with texture and depth of color.  We see a stunnng duster over neutral toned pants or a crisp overblouse or vest to team with skirt or pants.

Everglades:  Coming to the web store soon.

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  1. Paula Brody


    Many experts give instructions for gently pre-washing silk fabric so we can later wash the garment without shrinkage. But what about the thread? Do we use silk? Will that shrink when the garment is washed? Do we use Poly to avoid this? And does this mean we can’t use silk thread in anything that will be washed? I wait, panting impatiently, for your advice! Many thanks–

  2. Barbara Blom


    I don’t personally have a lot of experience using silk thread on washable fabrics. I have always used it with wool for its elasticity and strength. My inclination would be to test it first. The most important aspect of using silk thread or any thread is choosing the right weight. Tire Silks has some wondeful information on their website which may be helpful to you. Also, I’d encourage you to post your question in our Salon There’s a forum about fabric care. Look for Handle with Care.

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