Color You Can Taste!

Color You Can Taste!

Don’t you find that sometimes all of your senses get involved when you see a particular fabric?  Certainly sight and touch are prominent, but then there’s hearing too–the swish, the crinkle, etc.  Sometimes you can smell silk or wool. But taste?  This one had us literally drooling–the colors are so wonderfully rendered that you can almost taste them!

We had lots of fun envisioning possible outfits using this simply delicious fabrication!  We considered cross grain, lengthwise grain and bias.  The fabric is very floaty and gossmer-like. It will not stand up on its own for crisp details, but could be enhanced by using silk organza in areas such as ruffles. Evelyn Bash, our resident designer, offered up this tip: “the key is finding garments that have layers and pieces that overlap each other.”

Colleen found a Marfy pattern over the weekend that looks like it would work well with these tri-color dip-dyed silks.  For details on the silks, click here.

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