Buttons With Heart

Buttons With Heart

February – the month of school vacations, anticipation of spring, Superbowl contests (a sad subject today here in central Massachusetts), heart health and, in the midst of it all, Valentine’s Day. Looking for an unusual gift for a special someone? Your Mom, a sister, a best friend? How about buttons that say Love?

Taabu Maua

Profess your feelings in a big way with this large, red abstract heart-shaped button. An acacia flower petal underlies the glossy finish of this stunning accent button. If you’re looking for a bold statement, Taabu Maua  can do the job.


If you prefer a more literal message,  Amore‘s strong heart shape is the choice for you. Sharply shaped with a highly textured surface, there’s no guessing about emotions with this unique button. (Discontinued by our supplier, we have only a few available, in orange only. I normally wouldn’t write about a button that’s nearly sold out, but how could I omit it?!)

Looking for a more subliminal way to show you care? How about Philomena?


Entwining heart-shaped leaves adorn this button in a William Morris kind of way. So romantic!

Is your Valentine more of an earthy kind of gal or guy?


Carved from natural horn, Corazon is perfect for those who like an organic look.


I don’t know of a button lover who wouldn’t love receiving one of these buttons. And if you’re the button lover, send this link to someone who loves you!

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