White Button Adornments

White Button Adornments





Mrs Reginald Fellowes, wearing a Molyneux black jacket with button trim, 1941, © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis

Take a look at this wonderful jacket from the 1940’s! This is definitely a case of the buttons making the jacket. These appear to be simple shell buttons, but they must number in the hundreds. I can’t imagine how much weight the buttons add to the jacket,  nor how long it would take to sew them all on. The pattern for laying out the buttons is unique, and creates a very memorable garment. (Photo from The Red List)

Another interpretation of this look was done by Victor Costa. (Photo courtesy of Kathryn, who owns this ready to wear jacket.)

Victor Kosta Jacket


Kathryn was inspired to add button adornment to this black dress she made:


She sewed 56 buttons alongside the center back seamline!




The vertical line of buttons not only adds interest, but is visually slimming. This is a clever use of simple buttons to create drama on a garment. Thanks to Kathryn for sharing her photos!

How would you interpret this idea in your wardrobe sewing?


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  1. Lucy Dean


    Reminds me of the Pearly King and Queen of London. Great way to get rid of the white buttons from shirts.

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