Buttons and You

Buttons and You


How would you describe your relationship with buttons?  Do you love looking at them, touching them, selecting them for your sewing or knitting project?  Do you see them as jewelry for your clothing, finishing touches that elevate your garments to perfection?  Do you accumulate them because when a particular one catches your eye, you just have to have it?  Do you design garments around unique buttons?  Do you dream of buttons and the myriad ways you could use them?

Or, are buttons just a necessary element that’s required to hold your shirt closed or your pants up?  Do you dread having to choose buttons because you have no idea how to do it? Have you become a collector by mistake, having chosen the wrong ones for something you made, time and time again?

No matter your relationship with buttons, I’m here to advise and encourage – to be your button therapist.  Those of you who love buttons will be inspired.  If you’re one who views buttons as merely a necessity, things you need but don’t want to love, you’ll find acceptance here.  And those who desire a smoother relationship with buttons and want help finding their way will be supported in that endeavor.

I’ll talk about different styles of buttons and other closures, how to choose them, and how to care for them.  I’ll offer information on how they’re crafted.  When new buttons arrive at the warehouse, I’ll post photos and extol their virtues.  When I find a spectacular button/fabric pairing, you’ll see it here.


Since relationships are a two-way deal, I want to hear from you.  Leave a comment!  Let me know what you want to learn.  Tell me what challenges or discourages you in your relationship with buttons.   I’m here to answer questions, incite enthusiasm, and offer delight – to help you find closure with buttons!



3 Responses to “Buttons and You”

  1. tabitha jones


    I love buttons & I’m excited about your blog. My frustation is
    that I have’nt perfected button holes. Any application skills
    you could share would be heaven.
    Congratulations on your blog!

    • Dixie


      Thank you for your feedback, Tabitha. Buttonholes sure can be challenging! You’ve given us a good idea for a sew-along in our Salon. We’ll look into that, and I’ll post about it here when it’s up and running. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Jilly


    Buttons JUST for a practical closure? Oooooh, you’re more accepting than I am lol! I just loves me a statement button – looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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