Bright and Beautiful Color!

Bright and Beautiful Color!

Bright Colors

This spring is all about hot colors!  Don’t be intimidated by these intense colors!  There are many ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe without going all the way.  The easy solution to nodding to the trend is through accessories.  We think that’s a great idea, but here at SB, we’re all about fabrics so we’re looking a bit beyond “hardware”.

First, a few definitions…this is how we are using color adjectives this spring.

Neon:  High color with lots of highlight—close to fluorescent.

Spring Ponte-Neon Lime






Vivid:   Brilliant and bold.

Geranium Pique

Dynamic:  Deeply saturated colors

Dress Ponte in Spicy Coral






Generically we can call these “brights”.  The fashion industry has gone over the top with fully saturated color this season.  It’s fun, it’s happy and if everyone is wearing bright color, you blend right in!




There are wonderful ideas out in the marketplace for colorblocking this season.  I’ve been trying to gather some photos for inspiration on my Pinterest board. Most colorblocked garments have simple silhouettes so that the delineation between the fabrics is crisp and uncompromised by excess seaming.  Successful color blocking requires that all the fabrics are about the same weight and have  very similar properties.  The ideal especially for a first attempt is to choose two identical fabrics in different colors.

Dynamic Banana

Dynamic Sugar Coral

The second choice is to find very similar fabrics in weight and stretch.  For instance, you may choose two jersey knits, but one has way more stretch than the other.  This will result in a poor marriage between the blocks.   Below you will see a pique knit which is much more stable than the viscose print, but the stretch factor is similar.  We think these would work well together in a garment. Not tested, just surmised.

Viscose Knit
Pique Knit
Vivid Plum


A third possibility is to  break up the blocks with woven strips for stabilization.  This could work for a Mondrian inspired dress or jacket for instance.  The best advice is the usual: Test, test, test



An easy way to wear some bright color is to team it with a neutral or with a softer shade of the same color.  Coordination used to mean matchy, matchy. But for a number of years we have suggested that sewists think more in terms of blending rather than matching to achieve a coordinated look. This means finding colors that are pleasing together and that complement one another in both color and texture.  For most people a medium contrast works better than a high contrast. If you can wear a high contrast like crisp black and stark white, by all means do it.  When it comes to brights, we suggest using your best neutral:  navy, brown, black, gray, white and choosing a bright color that blends and flatters your best feature.  Want to emphasize your facial features or hair?

Choose a bright top and team it with khaki pants.

Poly Nylon Knit

For other bright tops see Knits.

Four Way Stretch
First Choice-khaki 4x stretch

Looking to show a little leg?  Choose a bright skirt and wear a softer color or a neutral near your face.

Bamboo Rayon
Pandabear Bamboo Rayon
Cotton Satin Print
Rock Sound Cotton

For other bright skirts see prints


Wool Crepe Fabric
Jersey Knit
Wild Watermelon

Bright colors are perfect for dramatic accents.  Even a navy business suit comes alive with a fuchsia tank or cami.

We hope you have fun this season with the brights we have in stock…We will do our best to add suggestions for go-togethers on our store pages.  If you are questioning whether two fabrics work together, please feel free to email us or call us. 


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