Brainstorming for Arbor Bounty

Brainstorming for Arbor Bounty

A response to Natalia’s comment on last week’s post, Hands on Learning

Hi Natalia!
Glad you like the fabric.  I would suggest a jacket with very simple lines so that the fabric can do the “talking” without being drowned out by design lines.  Because I need structure in my garments, I would probably choose a simple jacket with a stand-up collar, leaving the jacket front and back free from distraction that a traditional collar could create.  If you can wear softer constructed garments, I would choose a cardigan style, collarless with slight shaping, maybe at the side seams or as a princess line from the shoulder rather than the underarm. This way the fabric is the centerpeice.

We’ve been using two different buttons with this fabric for our customers.  The Inclination button picks up on the background color along with the lighter shades of plum.  The linear angles are replicated in the fabric base.  Alternatively, the Oh button works well with the plum color and replicates the more rounded shape of the cascading motifs.



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