Living Free from Color, the Black and White Trend of 2013

Living Free from Color, the Black and White Trend of 2013

Living free from color but packed with style!

          The achromatic hues of spring fashion 2013


Black and white is a classic, always has been, but this year it’s taken off  like a runaway bride on a big black Harley–everyone taking notice as it zooms past in a blur of black and white.  Brave, bold, exciting!

This spring we are seeing the B&W trend blur the lines of classic, forcing a new union that is fresh, inviting, and fun! The designers have latched on to this trend in a big way and are telling their version of the B&W story through their fabric selections. The personality of B&W this season is multi-faceted and unconventional, with edgy lace & leather match ups,  purringly soft knits teamed with crisp casuals, dramatic prints, friendly plaids and stripes, and so-chic solids with contrasting trim.


B&W is one trend that is easy to follow. Even if you are one that doesn’t have an easy time with trends–you got this one! The designers are out there playing with this trend and so can you! Try color blocking, add lace accents, try a graphic print, or go for a texture statement piece. If you grabbed any of the black leathers we had last fall (real and faux) you could overlay it with South Street Lace or mix it up with Black Beauty.

Really I think there is only one hole you could  fall into here. If people start coming up to you and placing their order for lunch, well you know you fell into it.  It’s “the uniform”– a plain white top worn with plain black bottoms.  Both are great and staples in all our wardrobes, but just not “alone together”. At least one piece has to have a bit of style or be  accessorized with jewelry or a jazzy pop of color and then you are good to go.  


For myself, I love a crisp white shirt.  I have them with stand up collars(I am an 80’s girl at heart), sideways ties, 3/4  sleeves, sleeveless and collarless, and long sleeves with rhinestone buttons.   I do pair them with black slacks, but side step the order taker look with a pair of black and white flat spats with a gold chain across the vamp. The name of my nail polish however is usually “I’m not really a waitress” red by OPI!

colleens-shoes The shoes!

If the  B&W trend with its many  twists and turns were turned into a book,  the follow up sequel could be named,… wait for it…maybe…50 shades of Gray? Let’s get the kick stands up and take the  B&W trend out for a ride!  Send pictures and we will post them!

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