Black and White…Always Right

Black and White…Always Right

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”  CocoChanel

Black and white comes around once a season, regardless of the old maxims–

  • Navy is the new black
  • Brown is the new black
  • Gray is the new black….

Really?  Black is the new black and it always looks right with white.  Of course, it works with almost everything else too!



What is it about this classic combination that is so appealing? 

  • Synomous with chic, elegant, stylish, classy
  • Always on trend
  • Provides a great canvas to show off special jewelry or stunning scarves.
  • On a more practical level, this color combination invites other colors to join as accents or coordinates.  Natural works beautifully as a third equal partner. 
  • Clean and crisp, allowing the details of a garment to make the statement. 
  • Surprisingly not memorable….the  look  makes the wearer memorable, but it is never like red or purple as in “she wore the red jacket again.”

 Tips for wearing Black and/or White  

Be sure to choose your white: ivory, cream, soft white, or optic white. The effect will be the same and the combo will be far more flattering if you use what’s best with your skin tone.

Since the  high contrast may be too brash for some skin tones, you can make your own story by adding an accent color or by changing the balance..less black and white, more fashion color. For instance, you can wear a yellow or red dress and accessorize in black and white.  By keeping the color scheme simple…just the three colors, the black and white story is told within the bounds of your best look. 

If you simply cannot wear black or white near your face, choose one or the other and give it a low contrast partner or accent.  For white, choose pastels which soften the brightness of white.  For black, choose subdued tones of a flattering color, creating a medium contrast which lowers the impact of the stark black. 

Surface and texture can make a big difference to the way black and white work.  
Wool/Cotton Texture from Italy

The nubby texture softens the contrast and gives the outfit dimension.

Raised jacquard overprinted with white florals

The texture gives body to the fabric and dimension to the print.

galloon lace
Double Scallop Lace

Dressier fabrics often have sheen or tone on tone glitz or elegant embroidery that team beautifully with their opposite.

Mix and match black and white solids for any genre






Cotton knit is comfy, easy to wash and wear.



Mariner stripes work for tops or dresses

Casual or Daywear




Linen in black or white or colorblocked — both comfy and cool



We always have a full selection of black and white solid basics along with prints and textures to mix and match.  For design inspiration, check our Pinterest Board.

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