Batik and the Coming of Spring

Batik and the Coming of Spring

Open your door on the First of February, and if you’re very quiet, you can hear a trickle of water somewhere nearby.  These are the words that get me through winter. Hope for a new day! Don’t get me wrong, there are many things about winter that I truly enjoy and feel blessed that I live in an area that experiences all four seasons, BUT our winter is long and can be dull.

How lucky am I to be surrounded by spring colors as early as January here at the warehouse! We are literally tripping over boxes and what joy when we finally break one open and color bursts forth! We’ve just recently posted new batiks in our web store…these are just a hint of what’s to come. We expand our rayon batik collection every year due to its on-going popularity.

As a fabrication, it offers up drape, soft hand, warm weather comfort and sewability—my word! By that I mean it is easy to work with and supports good results. This is a great quality for beginning sewers and for seasoned sewers with a need for quick projects.

Yes, rayon does slip a bit as you stitch, but with a little practice you can manage it quite well.  The designs and color flow of the batiks hide less-than-perfect stitching and require fewer embellishments to the finished garment. Think of a solid color linen shirt—yes it is exquisite, but every stitch shows and the shirt is more desirable with topstitching, tucks or some other surface interest. Not so with a batik… the design does the talking and all you need to do is create a good fit. Ah, good fit is challenging, but when you use a drapey fabric for your shirt, you can focus on shoulders and neck and let the rest fall nicely to the hips. Want a really easy project? Go with a simple skirt—short or long, straight or full, ruffles or culottes, batik is always in style.

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