Wild Thing

Wild Thing

Animal prints never really go away, but his year they have been hotter than ever!  We have a few fabrications in stock now that will help you follow this trend in your own voice.

You don’t have to be a drama queen to make this trend work for you.  For instance, our new perma-pleated knit may be too much for the timid to wear all over, but mix with a solid black knit and suddenly you are fashionista.

Pleated Rib Knit

With our fabulous sheers, you can choose a full garment for evening or a scarf to kick up your daywear to fashion status.

Rayon/silk Burnout with overprinted spots and stripes from the jungle
Nicole Miller Extra Yarn Weave Overprinted with Zebra Stripes

We found a great buy on a poly charmeuse that is perfect for suit blouses or tunics.  The snakeskin print is rendered in soft tones which make the statement a bit more quiet, but very “of the moment”.

Poly Charmeuse

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