A Wintry Mix??

A Wintry Mix??

Ok, I know I’ve been silent for too long.  It’s not that I’m not thinking about fabric, nor is it that I’m not buying new fabrics, it’s just about the ever present challenge of time!  But as I was pondering the weekend ahead of me and balancing holiday prep with on-going SBDF tasks, I listened to the forecast for New England.  We’ve just had our first snow, my favorite of the season!  It’s still pristine and white outside our window and it was light and fluffy so my back is not screaming at me.  All is well until tomorrow! 

They are predicting a Nor-easter which in any form can be daunting.  For our area, Central Massachusetts, it’s supposed to be a wintry mix.  This is the euphemistic term that is used to describe an unknown assortment of precipitation!  It reminded me of our term "European melange"  to describe fabrics that are milled in Europe and contain up to six different fibers, some of them luscious like wool, viscose, linen and cotton, others a little less desirable like polyester or nylon.  Just as we always hope for more snow than ice, we look for fabrics that lean heavily to the natural fibers with only a sprinkle of the synthetics.  The synthetics have their place in today’s fabrics because they offer up strength, easy care and color variation that are often missing in the natural fibers. 

We are in the process of building the Spring ’08 collections right now.  We watch content carefully to the extent that it is available to us and to the extent that we can check it with our simple tests. We have a number of textural pieces that would fall into this melange category.  When I get to the warehouse next week, I’ll include a photo here for your inspection! 

We hope your wintry mix is more snow than ice this year! 

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