A great warm weather ensemble by Guzel E

A great warm weather ensemble by Guzel E

I’ve just made a blouse from Sound Waves using the pattern from “Burda” 4/2014 model 105. I am wearing it with  pants I made last summer from Turq Denim.  I am happy with my new outfit!   Guzel


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  1. beajay


    Lovely top. I wonder what the pattern is. And of course absolutely gorgeous fabric. It makes the top extra special.

  2. beajay


    Thanks for the response. I shall have to check this out.

  3. audrey


    That is the best version of that top I have seen on the internet. It looks great and the fabric is so pretty!

  4. Guzel Eaves


    Thank you to everybody for your kind comments! This fabric feels so good to the skin! What I liked in this fabric is a good drapery and the “waves” goes lengthwise.

  5. Ann


    This pattern was a very good use of this fabric. Great top!

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