Passion for Red

Passion for Red

When love is in the air, what’s a button lover to do besides pine for red buttons? These are my personal favorites. Each is red; each is unique! Here is why I love them.


This gorgeous button from Italy is simple yet so stylish. Gala is a hefty slice of shell, richly dyed and painted with a silver metallic swirl. Over an inch in diameter, I’d love it on a red wool jacket. Or, how about hand painting a red ponte with a similar motif, and using this as a closure? Inspiring!


Rome lives at the far end of the shiny – matte spectrum. The finish on this Italian-made beauty is subtly textured, making it super matte. It almost looks flocked, but the surface is hard and durable. The architecturally inspired shape also offers appeal. Very unusual!


Also from Italy, Gorges and Zoe are cousins of sorts. Molded from the same base polymer material, their shapes and finishes make them quite different. Gorges has been “tumbled”, as the industry calls it. I picture one of those rock polishing gizmos that were popular when I was a kid. You put your rocks in a jar along with some sort of grit, turned the machine on, and the jar turned round and round for hours.  Presto – the rocks came out smooth and shiny. I don’t know how buttons are tumbled, but the process leaves them with a smooth matte finish. We’re big fans of tumbled buttons around here. They don’t stand out like glossy ones do, so they work well on sportswear.


On the other hand, we know there are times when glossy is appropriate, and Zoe is the perfect candidate for dressier garments. What a difference a finish can make!

Taabu Maua

In the category of “how did they do that?”, Taabu Maua  is a stunning example of organic material meeting man-made polymer. An acacia flower petal is carefully laid over the red polymer base and the whole surface is given a thick glossy coat. A nature lover at heart, I love the wispy-ness of the petal.


Saving my absolute favorite for last, Mehndi encompasses several elements I like in a button. The material is – believe it or not – coconut shell! The design is carved into the surface, offering both pattern and texture. Natural material and a slightly ethnic appeal make this big button a stand-out on an arty garment. You can bet I’ll be adding this one to my collection, and designing a garment inspired by it.

How about you? What are your favorite red buttons?


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