The Name Game

The Name Game

Why do we name our fabrics?

When we are preparing our fabric selections for market, we have group conversations about each one.  We talk about the construction of the fabrication, we identify colors to help our customers visualize, we share our visions for what that fabric might become in the hands of a sewist.  And we name it.  It helps us to communicate around the warehouse. Rather than “does anyone know if we have any #14-0801 left?”, isn’t it easier to say, “is there any Istana left?  The fabrics take on personalities as we work with them and once named, they inhabit the name they are given.  We think it helps our customers too.  Many will call or write referring to the name of the product.  Sometimes we craft our copy writing around the name, but sometimes it just helps to get the creative juices flowing for the hard task of explaining particular print elements or textural designs. I thought you would enjoy hearing a little about how we arrive at some of the names.  It’s really a journey of 1000 steps, but sometimes the circuitous route is interesting.  We’ll share more as we move through the fall season.




In our pre-market discussion, the word triangular kept coming up.  Yes, from a distance the shape of the woven motif is more diamond-like, but the variegated yarns make the triangle top or bottom of the diamond stand out.  Often we use place names to capture the feeling of the fabric.  For some reason, my head went to the Asian Pacific region…not sure why, it just did.  So out to my friend, Google.  Look what I found in Kuala Lumpur!


Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur

This fabric was meant to be named for this intriguing building which serves as the home to the national theater in Malaysia.  Istana Budaya means Palace of Culture.  Now doesn’t that just seem right?


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