I didn’t mean to be a tease!  Several readers have told me they are looking for the Swiss Cottons mentioned in a previous post.  You won’t find them on the site…yet.  Many of the fabrics I discuss in my blog are often not marketed at the time I am writing.  To bring a fabric from purchase to market can take weeks. Sometimes the fabrics are in stock, but not posted on the web site.  Our subscribers often receive swatches before we post in the online store, and consequently some of our purchases never make it to the web site. 

It has been my plan not to use the blog as a sales tool so much as a place to share our common passions, but I realize now that I may have caused frustration to those who are interested in buying the fabrics I discuss.  From now on, if the fabric is in stock at the time I write, I will link to the web site or otherwise let you know how to view the fabric. 

I really appreciate your enthusiasm for our products!  It’s fun to have customers who love the same things we do!

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