Some Days at SBDF are Just Plain Fun!

Some Days at SBDF are Just Plain Fun!

Earlier this week we were all in the front showroom chatting with our customers about our first love, fabrics. It’s so nice to be in the company of sewists–always interesting discussions which pull everybody in the room in.


Barbara was on her way home from a trip to NYC and stopped by SB for a fabric fix. We’re so glad she did. She shared with us her visit to the Charles James exhibition at the Met. We were all enthralled.   I wish I had thought to take a video so we could share her comments with you. She was so enthusiastic about his engineering genius. You can see a slide show about his work here.   Has anyone else seen this exhibition?

Barbara P talks about Met Visit
As usual other sewing enthusiasts were in the shop and we all had a look at what each chose.

Rayon challis floral fabric

Gail decided to treat herself to a “nice” dress so she headed to Sawyer Brook for just the right piece. The soft flow of a rayon challis was what she had in mind and June is what she chose. Beautiful. We can’t wait to see the finished dress!


Thanks to all of our customers who stopped by this week.  We really enjoy your visits!


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