Shoe Size?

Shoe Size?

My husband and I were recently watching a nightly magazine show that is local to our area.  The focus of the show was small businesses that have survived and grown in spite of the big box stores and mall sprall. Of course it was interesting to us because of Sawyer Brook which we have now owned almost 16 years.  The business had one previous owner who founded and operated it for 17 years. Of course, we promote the history of the business all the time because we think it says alot about who we are.  But it was fun to listen to other owners who had the same kind of devotion to quality and service that Sawyer Brook has had for 33 years now. 

Some of you may not remember, but it used to be that you would go to a shoe store and sit down while the staff removed your shoes (oh, yeah, no holey socks), measured your feet (yes, both) and brought you an array of styles to choose from based on your specifications.  Today you’re lucky to keep your balance hopping in the aisles of the super stores.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid fan of some of those stores and love the convenience of one stop mall shopping too, but there is definitely something to be said for personalized service.  We hear it all the time from new and old customers alike. As the owner, it gives me enormous pride as I walk through the business and hear our staff talking to customers like old friends, or getting to know a new customer with comments like "tell me more about the outfit you’re making" or "oh, I LOVE that one too!" or we have another customer who is using that on the bias, have you considered that?" 

This June is our official 33rd year in business and honestly we are looking forward to many, many more.   

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