Pile it up!

Pile it up!

Sorry it’s been so long between posts.  We truly have been up to our eyeballs in fabric–not a bad place to be though!  I thought some of you might be interested in the challenges we sometimes have in putting together the mailers for our subscribers.

The Fall season fabrics generally bring the most challenges.  First of all they are heavier and bulkier than spring fashion fabrics and they often have a loft that can make sampling and stapling a trying proposition.  For instance, our recently mailed Autumn II collections nearly cost me my staff!!!

Candy and I generally determine the order for each packet. We know there are certain no-no’s from the sampling team–avoid knit jerseys on the top or bottom, attempt to have a stable fabric on the bottom of the packet if at all possible, silky fabrics need to be buried in the middle so they will behave and so on.  Well, this time we inadvertantly placed a silk fabric on top of a velvet.  If that were not bad enough, there was a poly/spandex velvet on top of a silk/rayon suiting and, oh yes, another silk underneath the cotton velvet. This created a perfect storm at the sampling machine. Evelyn, who does the sampling, had to patiently re-align the fabric stack after each cut.  I realized by then that we were definitely going to have trouble in the stapling area. Sue told me it was the most difficult packet to staple that we had ever had!

So those of you who found your packets to be less than squared up, will understand the challenges we threw at the staff.

Sue has been on vacation for a week.  I hardly dare tell her she’s coming back to Winter packets that have–more velvets!!!  Can I help it that fashion loves velvet this year?  Seriously, everyone has a great attitude about these challenges and does it all with a good sense of humor.  It does make me think about the stapling of our packets though.  I wonder whether its time to give up the staple and send them unattached.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Elena


    Hi Barb! RE: stapling the swatches . . .
    I’m a subscriber and I don’t care if you lose the staples. As long as the written description of the fabric is specific enough, I can figure it out. If the fabric descriptions are similar, even a “photocopied” black-and-white image on the paper might be enough to identify the correct product number when ordering.

  2. Kathryn Midan


    Hi Barb,
    I agree with Elena. Samples do not need to be stapled as long as they are well identified. I often unstaple mine anyway so that I can try different combinations together. I subscribe to several fabric services and not all are stapled. It wouldn’t bother me to lose the staples as long as the beautiful fabrics keep coming. Thanks for your great selection.

  3. Natalia


    Hi Barb,
    Please keep the swatches stapled if you can. It helps to keep them neat. Sorting through loose swatches and trying to match them to descriptions will take too much time and hassle. It’ll stop me from re-looking at the swatches few days later when I need some specific fabric for a project. Plus, in my life with small kids and not enough time to glue each swatch to a square next to fabric description,I am certain the swaches will disappear. I know I’ll buy less, if finding a swatch will become a chore.

  4. Vicki


    Hi Barb,
    I have been enjoying your swatch samplers for a few years now (and buying and working with the fabrics when I have time to sew!). I used to subscribe to a second swatch supplier who did not provide staples. My personal preference is to keep them or some other low-cost way of keeping the swatches in order, if you can. It helps to keep them neat and organized when I don’t have time to glue them to hole-punched halved index cards. Keep those great fabrics coming!

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