New and Improved for Spring

New and Improved for Spring

We have some new faces for spring!  We recently upgraded the system that powers our Savvy Sewer Salon.  The new interface provides a sleeker look and offers some new features to improve your experience when you visit the Salon.

Salon Home

As you scroll down the Salon Home page, the Forums will highlight in yellow for ease of reading.

The icons next to each forum will turn red when there are new posts since your last visit.

You can see other venues from the Sawyer Brook Community on the right hand feature bar.

While we were at it, we did some spring cleaning and organized the forums in like groups:

Concierge–Always there for questions and help on the workings of the forum

Sewing and Collaboration–Active sewers share ideas, techniques, successes and challenges!

The Art of Sewing–Whether its a question for another sewer, some insight on interfacing or fabric care or just a comment on buttons, this is place to discuss!

Sewing Lifestyle–All things fun that are related to sewing.

Forum Pages

In addition to the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the page, you’ll find easy to use features for search, print and email.

You can also navigate to any other forum using “jump” at the bottom of the page.

You can now share any forum or topic with your friends on Facebook by using the link at the top next to the RSS feed link.


If you are already registered in the Salon, be sure to check in on Member Settings as there are new features there, too!

OK, my all time favorite new feature??  We can now save a post in draft.  How many times do you get part way through a post and get interupted?  Now you can save and come back later!!  Yay!

4 Responses to “New and Improved for Spring”

  1. Jackie


    Not sure I am smart enough for all this.

  2. Jackie


    Not sure I am smart enough for all this.

  3. andrea


    neither am i, i think…lol

  4. andrea


    neither am i, i think…lol

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