Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We really care about the fabric we send you.  That either sounds like an insincere marketing line or it sounds a  bit corny, but the truth is everyone here at SBDF shares your love of fabrics. When your order is cut, our cutting room staff treats each cut as if she were in her own sewing room.  Measure twice…once looking for flaws, the second for accuracy.  Cut once. Each fabric has its own “best way” for cutting. Some we draw a thread on the cut line, others we cut along the plaid or design, others are measured on each selvage and cut with a T-Square. This standard stays in place even during our busiest times. We really value the product we sell and we value its potential in the hands of our customer.
Just thought you should know…;-)
To read more about order fulfillment during the busy season,  Read This.

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    This is good information. Always a good motto.

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