Good Things Are Always Worth Waiting for…

Good Things Are Always Worth Waiting for…


You know what it’s like to have a vision of the perfect outcome on a project you’re starting?  You can see it start to finish and it is so gratifying when you get to the finish line and your garment is exactly as you envisioned or better.  Well, so it is with selling a business.  You know in your heart what you want for the outcome and after many obstacles, suddenly you are there with a perfect outcome which is even better than your best vision.  That’s what has happened for me and for Sawyer Brook.


Faten Ramadan is a long time local customer of ours.  Over the years we have followed her sewing skills as she created stunning tailored jackets with perfect fit, tweaked patterns to her liking and finally developed a product for sale to a niche market.  All of this we watched in awe and with pleasure.  Late this summer Faten contacted me when she belatedly learned of my plans to retire.  What a joy it has been to work with her towards a transition of ownership!  Everything I wanted and then some for the customers of SBDF.  She has expert sewing skills, a superb knowledge of fine fabric, is an astute business woman and lives locally to our existing warehouse.  Besides all that, Faten has a delightful personality that will engage everyone in our customer base as you learn to work with her over the phone or through email.

Good things are always worth waiting for! Please welcome Faten as she takes the reins on October 1st.  I will be working behind the scenes for a bit longer to accomplish a smooth transition. Faten promises a full array of fall/winter fabrics in the web store in early October and more in the mail to our members shortly thereafter.  Hold your breath, beautiful fabric is coming soon!


14 Responses to “Good Things Are Always Worth Waiting for…”

  1. Janith Bergeron


    So excited and looking forward to meeting Faten. Barb, thank you for offering us years of awesome fabrics and sharing. Enjoy your retirement, but oh you will be SEW missed.

  2. Kathy-Jane Elton


    I am so relived. Sawyer Brook has been my main source of fabric for many years and I was so disheartened that it may not carry on. Good for you Faten-I am excited for you.

  3. Brenda Marks


    Congratulations and welcome, Faten! I look forward to seeing what you bring to SB.

  4. Wendy Grossman


    What a relief! I’ve been heartsick about losing this wonderful source of lovely fabrics and thinking about the future for the lovely women I’ve met who work for Sawyer Brook.

  5. Jennifer Marie L. Shaw


    I am so happy!! The fabrics that I have bought are the ones that I receive the most compliments on, with the simple designs I choose. I am really relieved.

  6. Jan DiEllo


    I am so relieved that Sawyer Brook will continue, as it is my primary source of fabrics. I have to confess, I’ve been sitting on pins and needles (no pun intended) for the past few months. Welcome Faten. I look forward to more exquisite fabrics from Sawyer Brook in the near future. Barb, I will miss your personal service, but wish you well on your next adventure. I hope that the staff will continue. They all provide outstanding service, and I feel I’ve gotten to know many of them throughout the years. Best wishes to all of you!

  7. Sawyer Brook Fabrics


    Thank you for all your business over the years…a true joy!

  8. June


    Great news! Best wishes to both of you as you hand over the baton.

  9. Carol Mendoza


    Great news! Can’t wait to see what is in store in early October!

  10. Mary


    I am so glad you found a good buyer! I was afraid you were going out of business, and I buy almost all of my fabric from you! Best wishes in the future.

  11. Linda L


    So glad you found a buyer, good for you and good for your customers. Best wishes to you as you transition into the next phase of your life!

  12. Sonja S.


    Over many years some of my most beautiful clothes were fabricated from SB fabrics – I am so very glad the company will go forward…best of luck to all in this transition.

  13. Paula R


    Wonderful news! Yes, good luck to the new owner! Now Barb can rest easy, knowing it is in good hands.

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