Face to Face

Face to Face

We’ve been talking a lot lately about double FACE fabric, FACE side vs. wrong side and interFACing, but this past week we had a chance to do some serious FACE to FACE communication with our customers.  What fun!  We had a booth at the Sewing Expo in Worcester, Mass.  The venue is about 20 minutes from our warehouse and we move a lot of fabric and buttons via vans to Worcester for 3 days.  Whew!  Ir’s a lot of work , but we enjoy the opportunity to do business personally with a lot of customers known and new to us.

One of our customers from Long island comes every year and she always brings some of her recent creations to share with us.  This year she brought a stunning Issey Miyake jacket that she had made from Clove Heather, one of our fine Italian wools. The construction was fascinating and we were thrilled that she brought it for a close up look.

A customer who shopped in our booth last year came back to show us the jacket she made…she bought the fabric (printed linen and the buttons (dyed shell) at last year’s Expo!

We also met lot of sewers who had never heard of Sawyer Brook!  Horrors!!  But it took them very little time to get a sense of what we do and to get familiar with our staff in the booth.  We staff the booth with our fabric and button specialists who love talking garment construction with fellow sewers.

We’re glad so many of you stopped by our booth.  Whether you are a long time customer or newcomer, we had fun seeing you and chatting about your current projects.  If you are not near Central Mass, but would like the opportunity to share with other SBDF customers, find us at the newly established Savvy Sewer Salon.  We have some great discussions started there and would love for you to join us.

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