Different Name… Same Great Service

Different Name… Same Great Service

distinctive touch+

What is it?

The same swatching service you have enjoyed for years, but with a brand new name!

Why did we change the name?

Because we wanted everyone to understand the advantage of membership in our swatching service.  The real difference is touch, isn’t it?

Many customers tell us they love the look of a fabric but want an opportunity to touch it before buying.  This way it comes right to your mailbox with all the information you need to make a good decision. Along with membership in distinctive touch+, we offer exclusive early shopping in our web store on those fabrics in your swatch collection.  The newest offerings are exclusive to members for a week to 10 days.



How do I shop Member Exclusives?

To access your member exclusives, just sign into your Sawyer Brook store account.  On our home page, look for the sign-in button just under the carousel of featured fabrics.  Alternatively, get in the habit of signing in under Account at the top right of the page when you arrive at the web site.  You can shop easily throughout the store with a quick link at the top of the page to your exclusives.

How will I know when new exclusives are posted?

The Cyb-scriber Notes e-newsletter has changed to Member Updates.  Just a name change… we’ll notify you as always when we have posted new fabrics to your member exclusives.



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