Continuing the Legacy of Sawyer Brook

Continuing the Legacy of Sawyer Brook

Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics Doors Open for Business

As the new owner of Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics, I am delighted and honored to continue to serve its members with the same commitment to quality and excellence in products and services.

I believe what makes Sawyer Brook so distinct, in addition to the fabric choices it offers, is its member services and the knowledge of its staff. I have always admired Barb’s taste for high quality fabrics and for the extent she was willing to go to make sure Sawyer Brook’s members are pleased with the products and services.

Barb, thank you for setting such high standards for Sawyer Brook and for succeeding in making it the place of first choice for savvy buyers of fabrics! I wish you all the best in your next chapter.

It is my intent to continue to provide Sawyer Brook’s members with high quality fabrics and the best customer services while expanding on the types of services currently offered. I am excited and I look forward to serving existing and new Sawyer Brook members.

I invite you to browse the soon-to-be-posted new Fall Collection. It is a selection of the finest fibers and designs I could get my hands on in a short time, hoping that you will like what I chose for you this Fall. I was able to secure only a small amount of yardage for some of the fabrics in this first collection. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to grab it!

I will continue to add more to the collection as I find the fabrics and designs that meet the standards of Sawyer Brook as your own standards.

Your feedback is most valuable. I would love to learn what you want Sawyer Brook to make available, assisting you in looking and feeling great!


Sawyer Brooks Distinctive Fabrics Lives On Through its Members!


Faten Ramadan

5 Responses to “Continuing the Legacy of Sawyer Brook”

  1. Linda


    Thank you for buying and continuing Sawyer Brook !!! It seemed to get down to the line and I admit I was concerned. I hope you enjoy all your new responsibilities & have fun! I hope you continue to carry wools, silks and silk/cotton blends, cottons. Those are my favorites! Natural fabrics. Best wishes & thank you for inviting input 🙂

  2. Deborah Penner


    Yes, I am also happy to see you continue. I have been a customer from the early days under its first owner when everything was carried on by mail order only and there were just 4 mailings per year. Looking forward to the future!

  3. Marie Porteus


    All my best, Faten. I’ve always loved the high quality, distinctive fabrics Sawyer Brook has offered and look forward to your your vision coming to life in the fabrics and other merchandise coming to Sawyer Brook.

  4. Ann S


    Welcome, Faten, and I echo those commenters who rely on SB for quality garment fabrics. There is nothing but the big box store near me, so having the swatches arrive in the mail every few weeks is such a treat. Regarding what I would like to see from you? I’ve always appreciated that SB fabrics were mostly natural fibers; loved being able to buy thread to match and the buttons!!! Hope you keep the buttons. And having Berber rayon lining available. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with.

  5. Jan DiEllo


    Please continue to send swatches to Distinctive Touch members. It helps to feel the fabrics and to see the actual colors. Also, I have always appreciated groupings of fabrics with coordinated colors and textures, as this makes wardrobe planning easier.

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