A Fresh Look at Sawyer Brook

A Fresh Look at Sawyer Brook

Responsive Design

We’ve given our updated website a responsive design so that it is comfortable to browse or shop on any of your devices: at the desk, with your tablet, or on your phone.  Photos, descriptions and navigation all scale to your viewing window. Go ahead, try it out!



What Else is New?  

  • Updated product showcase on the home page with our carousel of new and featured fabrics
  • At-a-glance access to all our acclaimed services
  • Top navigation to all our departments
  • Easier navigation around the site, including all of our blog posts in one place: the Savvy Sewist Blog.

Our new look is designed to give our customers quick access to the areas of our site that are most useful to them at any particular visit.  In another one of today’s blog posts, you can read further about some of our improvements to the shopping experience.

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