Wool Fabric Information

Wool Fabric Information

A knowledge base for sewing and working with wools.

One of our favorites here at SBDF, wool is the kingpin of all fabrics in terms of durability and wearability. We also love to work with wool… it listens to what you say!!! Here are some of the weights and weaves that we carry most of the time. Most of the wool fabrications contain a small amount of spandex for comfort and wearability. Read more about working with stretch fabrics.

Tropical weight wool

This lightweight suiting is wonderful for year-round comfort. It is slightly crisp and stable so it works well for structured garments.  Many of our selections come from European menswear.  The fashion colors are from high-end women’s manufacturers.


The twill weave offers more drape than a plain weave.  Many twills are now milled in a lightweight which make them ideal for structured suits or slightly constructed separates.


Flannel is a plain weave with a brushed surface.  Great choice for basic jackets, pants and suits.  We suggest a one way layout, lining for durability and appropriate inner construction for the style you choose.  Easy to work with since it takes a press beautifully.

Cashmere, Alpaca, Vicuna

Precious fibers are the most desirable in the wool category due to their soft hand and luxurious look. We buy when we find a price point that is affordable for our customers and maintains the quality that is our trademark.  Working with these luxury goods is a wonderful experience for any sewist.  In choosing a pattern, remember that these fibers are delicate even though they provide incredible warmth.  You will want to beef up the fabric with your inner construction so that the fragile yarns last a lifetime.

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