Tips for Choosing Linings

Tips for Choosing Linings

We’ve put together some tips gleaned from our customers and our suppliers for working with the swatches to your best advantage. Feel free to let us know if you come up with other ideas. We’ll be happy to pass them on.

Tips for Labeling

Write the stock number or color name on the back of the lining swatch with a permanent marking pen or use peel and stick labels to identify each swatch.

Cut up the numbered lists enclosed and glue or tape to a piece of paper. Snip a corner from the swatch and glue or tape it next to the description for future reference.

Tips for Making the Best Choice

Hand and Drape

The most important factor in choosing a lining is considering the hand and drape of the fashion fabric. Generally it is a good choice to match the hand and drape for dresses and separates. For instance, a stable lining in a structured jacket is a better choice than a fluid one. Exceptions to this suggestion occur when you are using the lining to protect the fashion fabric from “misbehaving”. For instance, choosing a stable lining in a loosely woven fashion fabric will prevent bagging at knees and elbows or wrinkling in high stress areas. When choosing the lining, it is important to take into account the other factors that contribute to the overall comfort of the garment.

Climate Considerations

In general, we suggest a breathable lining such as rayon, silk or cotton for warm climates. For cold dry climates the anti-static finish on the synthetic lining is often a benefit.


It’s best to choose a lining that is compatible with the care required by your fashion fabric.

Color Match

We all take pleasure in a “perfect match” for some of our garments and a striking contrast for a creative designer touch, but truth is a blending color is fine in most cases and color choice should not override the other considerations discussed above.

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